Mint n Lemon Squash

Mint n Lemon Squash

Squash (sometimes called cordial) is a concentrated, often fruit-based, syrup to which water is added. It is also the name of the resulting drink.

It is common in the United Kingdom and Ireland, especially among toddlers and young children. Typically, squash is created by mixing one part syrup with four or five parts water (depending on concentration of the syrup and personal taste), directly into a glass or mug or into a jug. The most common flavours are: orange; apple and blackcurrant; lemon and lime. Other flavours include peach, strawberry, kiwi fruit and fruits of the forest.

In the West Indies the name “squash” is used to describe a lime juice drink, similar to lemonade.(source:wikipedia)

This squash is quite unique as it uses mint and its unique in its taste too…



Mint (cleaned,washed and dryed ) – 4 cups

Sugar – 2 cups

Water – 1 cup

Lemon – 2 or 3


Clean the mint leaves wash and pat them dry thoroughly with paper towel.

Meanwhile heat the sugar and water to form sugar syrup of sticky consistency.

Now add in the chopped (i tore them with hands) mint leaves over the hot syrup. Leave them to cool for about 3-4 hrs till all the mint flavour is infused in the syrup.

Stir in the lemon juice to this syrup and press the leaves with a wooden ladle just to ensure it infuses all its essence to the syrup.

Strain the juice into clean dry bottle and refrigerate.

Serving suggestion:

Mix one part of the syrup with five parts of water/soda water and serve chilled with a lemon slice and quench your thirst.

I am gonna travel to Germany and join Meeta’s Monthly Mingle and “Beat the Heat” with this squash.See you all there friends!