Protein Packed Sundal Pickle

sundal rangoli
My SH likes sundal in any form. So I learnt this recipe from my grandma to have a special place in his heart. Hope you guys also will have post-engagement-pre-wedding period experiences of learning something to have that ‘special’ attention. Hope i would hear lots of experiences and everyone will have a re-cap of those wonderful special times …So before you guys go to dream about it, let me finish telling the recipe…or Never mind..Relish those moments and come back to have a look at what I learnt..

Check your pantry if you have all these sundal varieties..

Large Lima Beans

Small Red Beans

Canary Beans

Chick Peas both White and Black varieties

Yellow-eye Beans

Cranberry Beans

This is what i had in my pantry

but u need not stop if you have Green Peas, Peanuts…go ahead

1. Now measure 1/2 cup of all the varieties you have wash them and soak them overnight in lots of drinking Water.

Beans soaked overnight
Then check if you have got nice big fresh lemons say about 6…(Number can vary as per size of the lemon and as per your taste) Chilli powder,Salt,Vegetable oil, Green chillies… that’s it.

2. Steam all the drained beans till they are just soft. Take care that they are not overcooked. U can stop at a point when the sundal has lost its raw smell.

3. In a sufficiently big pan heat 1/4 cup of oil and toss all the steamed beans and slit green chillies (about 4) till everything is covered with a shiny coat of oil.

4. Add salt (about 2 Tbsp),chilli powder (about 3 Tbsp) and lemon juice (about half a cup) and toss well without collapsing the shape of the sundal. (You can scale up or down as per quantity and taste.)

Gently toss the pickle once in two days till it absorbs all the juice and ready to relish.

U’re all set to spice up the curd rice…Upma and for anything that you need a kick….
Refrigerate this pickle in an air-tight container and enjoy it upto a month. Hope this would be a healthy version for all those pickle-lovers.