Methi Ginger Roti

My first experiment with container gardening started with basil, mint, corriander and methi.Among these I loved methi the most as it was very fast growing and beautiful in the small container.This sunday in my curiosity to try this recipe I had to bid farewell to my magnificient methi.


So here goes the recipe for the flavourful healthy low calorie roti…….

wheat flour – 1.5 cups

rice flour – 3/4 cup

fine rawa – 1/2

roasted gram flour -1 tbsp

finely chopped onions – 1/2 cup

chopped methi leaves – 1/2 cup

green chilli paste – 1 tsp

strained ginger juice from 1/4 inch piece

salt – 2.5 tsp

Mix all the dry ingredients with 1 Tbsp of oil.Add the ginger juice and knead to stiff dough with just enough water.Divide the dough into small balls and make rotis.

Enjoy it with corriander/mint chutney.

This is a recipe by Mrs.Mallika Badrinath


9 Responses to “Methi Ginger Roti”

  1. Priya Says:

    Nice blog Arsu ! And what a lovely recipe to start with ! very Innovative,

    Happy blogging ! hope to learn lots of new recipes from you !

  2. Priya Says:

    Hi Arsu,
    Welcome to Blogging. You are going to enjoy ur stay here. I just started my blog a few weeks back.
    Methi-ginger looks like a nice combo for chapathi’s. Will try ur recipe soon. I used to watch Mallika Badrinath’s show on TV very regularly. I miss the shows here, but my uncle read my mind and sent me her recipe book series 🙂

  3. Vee Says:

    Hey welcome…
    Methi-adrak sounds good…I like mallika badrinath.Some of recipes are quite innovative.

    Happy Blogging!!!

  4. ArSu Says:

    Dear Priyas of Sugar And Spice and Akshayapaatram and Vee
    that’s very kind and encouraging of you all.

    Good for you Priya, even I do have most of her books
    and had been regularly watching her shows during my college days.

  5. Vaishali Says:

    Hi ArSu,
    Got here after reading your latest comment at Vee’s blog. I am sure you’ll enjoy being an active food blogger. As for this post, I think, a picture of your homegrown Methi would have been nice here. Btw, ginger juice is an interesting twist.

  6. ArSu Says:

    Hi Vaishali,
    Thanks for stopping by.That’s really thoughtful of you. What happened was, I thought of that when I was halfway plucking the leaves. I was too excited u know.

  7. shynee Says:

    thanx Arsu…Have some methi leaves in the fridge …probably cd try it soon!!

    Hope u like it Shynee. Let me know how it turned out.

  8. sanju Says:

    Hey Arsu
    Thanks for sharing Malika Badrinath’s recipe, yes I used to try a lot of her recipes. Here is Krishnamma’s recipes of side dishes for Indian breads:

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